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In Dubai we are lucky to have all year round access to pools, beaches, water parks etc and whilst this is certainly a huge benefit of living here, it also leaves parents with huge concerns regarding their child’s water safety, with drowning being one of the largest accidental deaths in children worldwide.

It is therefore of paramount importance that children learn water safety skills, while enjoying swimming and having fun.

Our LTS program (Learn To Swim) has been designed to allow children from 3 years old to learn the basics of swimming and start developing their strokes.

We offer group lessons in our amazing venues and private lessons also at the comfort of your own house.

Our classes cater to a wide variety of abilities, for those children who have been water babies from the beginning to those that are dipping their toes for the first time.

Learn to swim is not only for children. It is never too late to learn a new life saving skill and we are very happy to be able to get anyone who would like to learn swimming started.

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