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Aqua bumps by Swimming Wonders is the perfect and safe way to exercise whilst expecting in the water, offering not only the benefits of exercise but also relief from a number of common pregnancy aches and pains.

Water provides a natural resistance to challenge your muscles and supports the body avoiding high-impact exercises.

It is an ideal way to prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your new baby.

Our amazing coaches are highly qualified instructors and specialized in prenatal water activities.

Each course is 6 weeks long, a one-hour class once a week. We will meet each client before each class to ensure get to know you and your body condition and any special requirements.


Relieve ankle and foot swelling:

Submersing your limbs in water helps push fluids from your tissues back into your veins (where it goes to your kidneys and then out through your urine). It also boosts your circulation, which keeps blood from pooling in the lower limbs.

Release sciatic pain and stretching the spine and the body muscles:

Baby’s floating right along with you (instead of pressing down on your sciatic nerve).

Improve your labor and delivery experience:

A regular water workout maintains muscle tone and increases your endurance. Women who are fit during pregnancy recover from birth more easily.

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